Monday, December 1, 2008

Copyright Brushes

Ever wondered how people put those creative copyright logos on their photos with such ease such as my logo at left and below on the Photo of the Day?  Here's a quick tutorial on how that can be done.

Quick and easy with text:
We are going to make a brush that can  be resized however large or small you would like it.

-In Photoshop or Elements choose the type tool and type your copyright.
-From the Select Menu >Load Selection
-A dialogue will come up and let it select the layer transparency.
-From the Edit Menu>Define Brush Preset
-Name the brush
-It is now available as a brush from the brush palette.
-You can now choose that brush, then choose the colour (can choose the opacity as well), choose the size, and then move the brush to where you want to watermark and click the mouse once.  That will leave a copy of the brush as you defined it, right where you want it.

Simple fast and easy.  Happy Copyrighting!



Photo of the Day:

"I can only imagine what nature would be like if the wildlife complained about the weather as much as we did!"

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