Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Neutralize Your Image

Most of us have had images that have a colour cast to them at one point or another and there are a multitude of methods for correcting neutralizing this cast.  

This is a relatively simple method that will work with MOST images.

Duplicate the image and then use Filter>Blur>Average. 

Add a Levels (or Curves) adjustment layer (Layer>New Adjustment Layer>Levels or Curves or use the drop down menu on the layers palette).

Use the Set Gray Point eyedropper (the middle eyedropper) and click on the duplicated/averaged file.

Uncheck the eye of the blurred layer and the adjustment layer should now have neutralized the colour cast.



Photo of the Day:
"While winter brings its own challenges for photographers, one would be remiss in not getting shots such as this where patterns and colour come together in a winterland of white to provide contrast"

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Michelle said...

I hadn't realized about the adjustment layers - thanks! This will make corrections so much easier!